Remote Sessions

New Services Offered

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the world to change, and my business was no exception. After a decade of traveling to directly evaluate businesses, consulting with clients face-to-face, and training teams in person, my methods can no longer be business-as-usual. What to do?

First, I took a look around and saw that everyone is in the same situation. We are all starting anew, examining our businesses, and re-launching ideas.

Then, I asked my current clients what was needed and researched what other leaders in their field were planning.

Finally, I soul-searched. consulting my own heart to decide what services I should offer, and where my talents could best be utilized as the industry changed. See below for what Remote Sessions would entail.


What is Covered


Executive Coaching - private sessions are available individually or as a series. Whether it is to collaborate on one issue or to work through the turmoil that is currently occurring.


Reminder Sessions - a wonderful alternative to on-property meetings due to travel restrictions or as a supplement between visits.


On-Line Training - short, informative classes that can be used for employees and managers to increase their skill sets.


Preparation Sessions - designed to get the most out of a property visit, these classes introduce topics and offer homework to be explored as a group in our workshops.