The purpose of Profitable to Train


For businesses looking to re-launch, energize, or clarify their brand's position, I offer proven methods to increase profitability through improving sales and service levels. The components of this service are: Evaluations, Consultations, and Training.

Simultaneously, there are programs designed for individuals looking to increase career-satisfaction, productivity, and purpose. Coaching services, classes, and blog/media posts are here to assist clients in their personal pursuit of development.

Information will tell you more...

The most valuable asset of any company is its people. By investing in properly informed employees, especially those with direct customer contact, a business ensures that the correct message is coming across. Click on the information tab for an overview of the types of programs that are offered.




Hospitality Client, New York

"I have worked with Kate on several occasions. She has a remarkable way of connecting to her learners and ensuring that retention has been achieved. Kate infuses real-life examples from her vast experience in the hospitality industry."   

Consultation Client, Los Angeles

"You simply cannot overstate the wealth of knowledge & results that Kate consistently delivers. We are all lucky to have learned from such an incredible leader and mentor. Kate has lead by example in the Revenue Management field in an ever changing ever evolving industry. She has supported high profile companies globally and spoke the universal language of profit time and again. Kate always provides extraordinary guidance in various markets & conditions and continues to be a world leader in a highly technical role. Exceptional trainer, a true leader, and highly skilled in driving your bottom line!"

Luxury Sales Client, Las Vegas

“After working with Kate for several sessions, we changed how we hire and focus our business. We used to manage each day, now we look further ahead, balancing service with sales. Our results have been amazing."