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With over 25 years of experience in the Luxury Hospitality industry, I have managed departments in rooms, food and beverage, human resources, and sales teams.  I have also worked for over a decade as a director of revenue, as a trainer, and program developer for global-corporate initiatives. The projects I specialize in focus on Service,  Cross-Cultural Sales, Pricing-Strategies and Quality Control. I have a passion for training teams to work more efficiently and for individuals to recognize the important role they each play in their company's success. What can I do for you?

Here are a few questions for you to consider...

Do you feel proud of every aspect of your business? Have you kept up with the rapid changes that have taken place across all industries lately?

When your business telephone rings, your company receives an email, or when customers walk through your door - are you confident that all employees will represent you and your company well?

Is there one person (or several) on the team you hope will not get a "difficult" guest, or have a challenging situation come up when you are not around?

When you are away on vacation, do you worry about how the business will run in your absence? Do you wish that the employees sold your product more effectively and with more pride?

Each of these questions represent a different aspect of business; profitability, creativity, leadership, and trust. Remaining competitive in today's market requires attention to every detail and more. Innovation is key to moving forward through each challenge.


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