Visiting your property in three steps:

During the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine that followed, traveling has been temporarily suspended. See the Remote Sessions of this website to learn more about Consultations and Training being offered while we all work through these unprecedented times. We will travel the world again. When we do, it will be with an even greater appreciation than before.


Unlike typical “secret shoppers” I look beyond the standards to see how well interactions are tailored to the guest, if service is intuitive, and if there are any missed revenue opportunities. In other words, I look for the items and experiences that are typically commented on by guests through popular rating sites.


Prior to my arrival, I discuss points of concern and focus with the senior management team to hear what they think are the biggest areas of concern. Then, at the end of each visit, I host and an executive wrap up meeting to share what was discovered. A report is then delivered and all analysis tools are shared during a Q&A session.


Workshops are scheduled after my evaluations with the managers of the departments of focus where we discuss their challenges, goals, and industry expectations. As needed, I build analysis tools to help teams see where they have the most opportunity for future growth and to highlight individual employee contributions to the financial success of the business. Then, I have sessions with the line-staff employees to share these goals and teach methods of balancing sales and service to each guest. When everyone sees the impact they have on the success of the business, Employees and Managers alike look at their positions with a renewed sense of responsibility and pride. Classes are informative, practical, and fun! Companies may choose from a list of departments to determine which they wish to focus on for that visit.