"When speaking to an audience, I first like to determine the mood of the participants. Are they there because they signed up to learn or did their company make them go? Are they there looking forward to laughing or is this a quiet, Monday morning? No matter, I will meet them where they are and take them where we need to go.

The second item? I evaluate the tone of the message to be delivered. Am I helping this team make more money or be more successful? Is it a life lesson they need to hear, or do I need to inspire them to want to change a behavior?

These are the finer points of delivering a program, not just ticking off a training agenda list."

-Kate Buhler


It brings me great satisfaction to engage in tailored discussions for events, company meetings, and retreats. This is an era of rapid change, my speeches and interactive workshops are designed to motivate, entertain, and inspire action in all who participate. I am happy to research new topics, but here are a few of my areas of expertise/current study:
  • Managing Through Change, Trauma, and Disasters. Recovering from the Economic Fallout of Covid-19 and what History has to Tell Us
  • Exploring the Differences Between Management and Leadership, Building a Modern Office

  • Selling and Marketing to an International Client Base, Three-Degrees of Cultural Challenges: Business Location, Employee Origin, and Guest Expectation

  • Working through Multi-Cultural, Multi-Divisional differences


Speeches do not need to be fussy, formal, and above all, they must never be boring! Whether addressing groups of healthcare workers, financial professionals, or a team of hotel employees, I am there to address their needs and interests. Whatever the topic, I adjust my deliverly style, finding ways to make them laugh and relax. When audiences feel comfortable and can relate to the stories I tell, they are much more willing to hear the message being delivered.

I have a performing arts background and have never met an audience I did not like! Whether it is a small, intimate group or large auditorium, it is my mission to entertain everyone there. I am also experienced in working with international groups in settings all over the world.

Training in Doha
Seoul 2019

Panel Discussions

Traveling around the world and working in the luxury service industry has given me a lifetime of experiences and insights to share. While I continue to train and advise my clients, the stories and lessons they share with me keeps my talks current, and I get to hear about the latest trends in the industry. Now, more than ever, keeping up to date and having a global view is imparitive.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to contribute to thought-provoking discussions. Speaking to groups of professionals or University classes/clubs is a chance to mentor the next generation of leaders.