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I Am Thankful for Angels in the Workplace

There are people who move through their jobs with grace and dignity.  When others make the day seem like a difficult chore, these people dance circles around them and make it look easy.

In my line of work I meet jewelers, hoteliers, spa employees, and recently a wonderful group of medical professionals.  In each team there are a few shining stars – people working thankless jobs with the goal of bringing happiness to their clients, guests, and often complete strangers.  While most of my experience is working in the luxury market, should a patient with cancer be treated worse than a client buying a diamond?  -Of course not!

My job when working with amazing people?  Fundamentally I clean their wings.  I remind them that they are special and that they make a huge difference in people’s lives.  I illustrate that not only do great employees provide excellent care, but they maintain repeat business, support their office, and are the main reason their company is profitable.

Because these angels are of the human variety, their “wings” so to speak are; creativity, caring, conscientiousness, and insightfulness.  They are often weighed down by the mundane details of their daily routines.  They come up with one excellent idea after another, only to be shot down by a closed-minded co-worker or a manager who has lost his imagination.  I tell them they matter, listen to them, perhaps mold their ideas a bit into more concise proposals, and watch them soar.

This Thanksgiving month (even if you don’t celebrate in your country) please do the following:

  • Make a point of smiling back at the barista at the coffee counter, thank the helpful stocker at your grocery store, or share a funny story with an employee who has enough time to listen.

  • Remember that a good outlook is catching!  Perhaps by acknowledging to someone that they made your day, you will make theirs too.

Have a good holiday season!

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