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I Wonder If Men Ever Have This Problem…

It is still early in the year and so I thought I might look around a bit.  In Forbes magazine I saw an article entitled: The Results are In, Women are Better Leaders.

I can only assume the end of her sentence should read “Than Men” but she did not specify.  After that eye-catching (if incomplete) title, she goes on to say why she believes it to be true.  I think it depends on the person him or her-self, but I will say that there were a few reasons the article did not point out so I will mention them here:

  • Women have to make more decisions each day which makes us more decisive.  Take the process of getting dressed as an example.  My husband showers, shaves (using the aftershave I chose), put on underwear, tee-shirt, pants, shirt, and socks and out the door he goes.  I however, have a few more choices: Shower or bath? Shave or skip it? – Which answers the questions 1) Skirt or pants? And 2) Sleeveless or Sleeves? Then we are on to: Heels or flats? Stockings or no? How’s the mani/pedi looking? Then there are questions of: Jewelry, Perfume, and Makeup (not if, but how much)?  Hairstyle pulled back or down?  Matching or contrasting bag? Strap or clutch?  IT IS A WONDER I EVER GET OUT THE DOOR!

  • Women are planners and puzzle solvers.  Ever try traveling around the world with only a carry on in January?  I have.  A man’s suitcase would have three changes of office wear, workout clothes, and an electric razor.  My bag must have skirt/pants/jacket combinations, different shoes, make up, feminine products (beats looking for a drug store in a foreign country on a Sunday evening), makeup, jewelry, and hair care products.  Women become masters at putting all of this stuff together so we don’t look like idiots running eight paces behind our male counterparts when catching a flight connection.  We are less likely to check our bags since losing our luggage is tantamount to disaster.  I have stopped dying my hair because I travel so much.  I simply do not have the time for bi-weekly maintenance so I have let my hair go naturally grey – something that men and women often ask me about.  While in different countries and time zones, I still need to plan my kid’s schedules, mother, and discipline from afar.  Freemasons still do not accept women as members – they should really re-evaluate this.

  • Women have to be more strategic.  Women are for the most part the physically weaker sex (with many notable exceptions).  This does not mean that we are weak, watching a woman give birth you know that she is physically amazing.  What I mean to point out is that while watching a male yoga instructor balance on one hand with all his weight precariously hovering one foot off the ground makes me consider the merits of a “Y” chromosome momentarily.  I quickly change my mind however, as I like that I have learned to maneuver through the world using my brain more than my brawn.  It makes me feel more capable somehow.  Examples: I cannot reach the jar on the top shelf, so I use the toaster tongs.  I cannot open the jar so I use rubber gloves (I don’t let male pride get in my way of accomplishing my goal).  I want a client to change his mind so I compliment him first, get him to agree with me, and eventually move my initial thought forward as his own idea.

  • Women are traditionally more patient.  Perhaps because women have been the primary care givers of children for centuries, they have become great at waiting.  We wait for our child to learn to speak, walk, toilet, dress, and eventually grow up.  As ancient gatherers we waited for the crops to bear fruit while the men went out to hunt.  Today we women are still waiting to be paid the same as men for the same office jobs.  We are still waiting for equal legal rights in most of the countries of the world.  We continue to wait for promotions; while there are now some female CEOs, they are newsworthy and noteworthy exceptions.  We continue to wait for equal respect while the media comments on women’s choice of hair styles and clothing rather than on their accomplishments.

Actually, looking at that last bullet point, I am beginning to see the heart of the issue.  Perhaps we should be less patient?  What do you think?

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