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Sick with a Fever, I Keep Thinking About Needs vs Wants

I am what you would classify as small ‘s’ sick.  It is the end of the year, and there is nothing left in the tank.  I have burnt both ends of multiple candles.  Fin.

As someone who travels like a global ping-pong ball, I actually enjoy aspects of being sick.  Not the serious illness type of sick that so many of my friends and family are suffering through.  That is an unfathomable misery not to be wished on anyone and I am thankful everyday for my excellent health. The small ‘s’ sick I am feeling today is achy, stuffy nose, sore throat, and fever – a fever that gives me crazy dreams and musings.

The year has been hectic and so my body is saying “Enough already!  No yoga, no baking projects, no family obligations, no cocktail parties, no contracts, no writing schedules.  Just lie here and be quiet.”  At age 45 when my body says this I know I should listen.  Still, the part of me that never stops working (my brain) is zooming.  What to I need to do before my three-month long business trip next week?  What did I want to do today?  Who is waiting to hear from me?  Who is counting on me?

The list is long and I won’t drag you through it.  You likely have a list of your own anyway.  I have decided on the following actions:

  1. List everything I need to do

  2. Decide if anyone is going to perish if I don’t do an item on the list

  3. Do those important items only

  4. Hide the rest of the list until tomorrow

  5. Consider what I want to do and make those things a priority!

See, I always concentrate on what needs to be done, rarely on what I want to do.  Since today is basically going to be a wash – why not make it great?

Enjoy YOUR day.  Make sure to do one or two things that you WANT to do, and remember that the NEED list will still be there tomorrow.

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