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Travel Tip 2: For chronic complainers; bloom where you are planted

As I travel, it continues to amaze me that people can be surrounded by beauty and still complain!  “It’s too fill in blank here (examples: hot, cold, humid, dry, noisy, quiet, poor, expensive).”  My immediate reaction would be to say, “Shut up.  You traveled here by choice and if you don’t like it, go away.”  Sadly, I cannot say that without hurting feelings or starting a fist fight.  Instead, in the hopes that we can cut down future whining, I offer this advice:

  • Research a place before booking your trip.  I heard from a hotel worker in Costa Rica that guests often think they are in part of Mexico.

  • Be respectful of the people who live there.  You are a visitor in their home – the local population does not need to hear about how much better your part of the world is.

  • Bloom where you are planted!  Enjoy life as it comes and stop chasing perfection.  In classes I teach, I tell the locals that insulted by tourists to take heart.  I reassure them that, “Anyone stupid enough to ruin their vacation with petty details or allow their moods to be dictated by things they have no control over ( such as the weather), are miserable everywhere they go – including their own homes.”

  • Be grateful and respectful.  It is not too much to ask!

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